NTSC shares experience with African partners under the SADC project

International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) is currently conducting the second phase of the EU-funded Project MC 5.01 15B Support to the Southern African States (SADC) in Nuclear Safety and Safeguards. The main objective of the Project is to strengthen and harmonize the nuclear regulatory frameworks in the participating countries for sustainable uranium mining, milling, processing and associated transport in the sub-Saharan region of Africa.

Based on a bilateral Memorandum of Cooperation between ISTC and the Nuclear Technology Safety Center (NTSC), the NTSC actively participates in the implementation of the project “Virtual Study Visit of African partners to Kazakhstan Nuclear Installations and Uranium Mines”.

A program for a series of webinars was elaborated to acquaint experts from the African countries with Kazakhstan experience in ensuring safety in the processes of mining, milling and transport of uranium ore, as well as with the work of international structures with relevant activities, based in Kazakhstan. The third, final, event of the “Virtual Study Visit” took place on 30 March, 2022. The participants from 15 African countries attended the webinar.

The Kazakhstani experts in the field of atomic industry and regulatory control presented the following topics: “Law enforcement regarding RM transport violations” and  “Emergency Preparedness and Response” were presented by Mr. Daulet Baisaganov, the expert in physical protection and nuclear security. The meeting was closed by the presentation of Mr. Murat Tulegenov, chief engineer of the Institute of nuclear physics of the ministry of energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, who spoke about the activities and achievements of the institute.