National Experts from the EU CBRN Risk Mitigation Center of Excellence for East and Central Africa debriefed on the Progress of Project MC 5/01 15 B

Brussels/Astana, June 2018. National radiological and nuclear experts from East and Central Africa were made part of the ongoing activities under Project MC 5/01 15 B Support to Southern African States in Nuclear Safety and Safeguards. The experts, who are national focal points of the EU CBRN Risk Mitigation Centres of Excellence Initiative as well as country-designated officials in charge of nuclear safety and security issues, are members of the Steering Committee of the project “Support to the EU CBRN ECA CoE in Nuclear Security”.

Gathered in Brussels on June 22, 2018 for a regular meeting, the members of the P-60 Steering Committee discussed under an agenda item Interaction with other activities, the state of affairs of the implementation of Project MC 501 15B, of which Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia are active participants. The project has a pilot character, aiming to accord support to the Southern African Development Community (SADC) in nuclear safety in four countries (Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, and Namibia) out of its 16 Member States. Kamen Velcihkov, Project 60 and Project MC 501 15B Manager, outlined the ongoing cooperation with the National Nuclear Regulator of South Africa including through NNR hosting on its server a web-based electronic system to trace trans-border transportation of uranium ore. The system will be offered to all SADC members. The Project also aspire after analysing the situation with the uranium transportation safety through country-specific and a regional report. Continental NGOs African Safety and International Security and Young African Generation in Nuclear might give a hand in the elaboration of the reports and in organizing public awareness events. A tender was successfully carried out for developing the web-based information and communication system. This tool will constitute a step ahead in the field of nuclear security and safety in Southern Africa.

Members of the P 60 Steering Committee noticed that the close monitoring of developments in similar initiatives is useful, as illustrated by the report on MC 5/01 15 B. The P-60 Steering Committee may consider and approve overlap activities, if there is an advance knowledge on their evolutions. 

The Project Support to Southern African States in Nuclear Safety and Safeguards will held the 4th meeting of its Steering Committee on 30-31 July 2018 in Pretoria, South Africa. A major objective of this meeting is to strengthen national capacities and to encourage regional cooperation on nuclear safety and the safety of radioactive material transportation.

Project MC 5.01/15B seeks synergies with the EU-funded under the Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace (IcSP) Project 60. Together, both projects illustrate the internationally recommended “Triple S” approach addressing simultaneously the nuclear safety, safeguards and security issues.

The debriefing on Project MC 5.01/15B during Project 60 Steering Committee meeting took place in Brussels along with the 6th International Meeting of the National Focal Points of the EU CBRN Risk Mitigation Centres of Excellence Initiative. The Initiative unites sixty countries around eight regional secretariats with an aim to increase the national and regional capacities to mitigate chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) risks.