ISTC joins Kenyan Young Generation in Nuclear for a Webinar on Nuclear Safety

The Kenyan Young Generation in Nuclear, a longstanding partner of ISTC in spreading sound nuclear culture in Africa, has organized a series of webinars do discuss the prospects for nuclear science and technology in Africa, to advocate for better nuclear education and to promote the need of nuclear safety and security across the continent. On behalf of ISTC, Dr. Kamen Velichkov, ISTC senior program manager and diplomatic adviser, talked about the EU-funded regional projects in Africa, and the ABC of establishing and maintaining nuclear safety procedures, policies and practices. He also emphasized the accumulated experience and trust after several partnership events that KYGN helped organize in Kenya with ISTC’s assistance, such as – the launch of the African Youth Generation in Nuclear (2017), the international integrated workshop on nuclear advocacy and communication (2017), the working visit of the ISTC management with a series of high-level talks and a special public event in Nairobi (2019). KYGN is one of the institutional partners that work to make a viable and possible the Kenyan membership in ISTC.

KYGN leadership has organized the series of webinars with the aim to disseminate information and debunk the myths surrounding nuclear science and technology. The primary target audience are KYGN members and members from affiliate networks. Along with ISTC, all Kenyan principle regulatory authorities in the field of energy and nuclear took part in the webinars. Among those were: the Kenya Nuclear Power and Energy Agency, the Kenya Radiation Protection Board, the KNH – Nuclear Medicine Unit, the National Commission for Science, Technology & Innovation (NACOSTI), the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO).

The Kenyan Young Generation in Nuclear is a professional network registered as non-profit organization in Kenya. The network is founded on the fundamentals of educating, informing, promoting and transferring knowledge on peaceful, safe and secure uses of nuclear science and technology applications. KYGN is affiliated to the African Young Generation in Nuclear and the International Youth Nuclear Congress whose membership is drawn from the UN member states.