ISTC congratulates AFCONE on the convening of the 5th Conference of State Parties to the Pelindaba Treaty

“ISTC is proud to have the partnership of the African Commission on Nuclear Energy (AFCONE) in its activities in Africa, based on the bilateral Memorandum of Cooperation” read the statement of ISTC Executive Director David Cleave to the participants of the 5th Conference of State Parties (CSP) the African Nuclear Weapon Free Zone Treaty, that held its opening session on 21 October 2021, at the Pan African Parliament Premises in Midrand, South Africa, close to the highly symbolic site of Pelindaba.

He also commended AFCONE for playing a key role in advancing the safe and secure peaceful uses of the nuclear energy and other nuclear applications in Africa and in contributing to the international disarmament and nonproliferation.

Several High-Level Officials delivered welcoming remarks: the AFCONE Chairperson; the Chair of the 4th CSP; the representative of the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation of the host country - South Africa; the African Union Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace and Security; the United Nations High Representative for Disarmament Affairs; the Director General of the IAEA; the Chairperson of the UN 1540 Committee; the Executive Secretary of the CTBTO; the Executive Director of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons and the Chairpersons of AFRA and of FNRBA, respectively.

In recent years ISTC and AFCONE cooperate intensively and successfully in several areas of common interest: They collaborate in the implementation of EU-funded ISTC-managed projects contributing to the regional nuclear safety and security, such as Support to Southern African States in Nuclear Safety and Safeguards, and Support to the EU CBRN CoE in East and Central Africa in Nuclear Security. Also, ISTC actively facilitates the dialogue and interaction between AFCONE and other nuclear-weapons-free-zones, in particular CANWFZ in Central Asia. Both ISTC and AFCONE seek to inspire and encourage the young generation of nuclear experts to ensure effective, safe and secure peaceful nuclear applications in Africa, while pursuing excellence in education and training and research and development.

The partnership between ISTC and AFCONE is reliable and beneficial, and the two organizations intend to continue to cooperate in an impactful manner.

(The full text of the ISTC ED Statement can be found here)