On 25 February 2021, a group of students from the L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University (ENU) visited  ISTC    Main Office in Nur Sultan for a final meeting to complete their   six weeks’ internship at the Center.

Since 2019 a bilateral ENU - ISTC agreement enables ENU   students to enrich through training at the Center their   practical knowledge and skills in the fields of science   diplomacy and international scientific and technical   cooperation. The visiting students met the ISTC management - Executive Director David Cleave and his Deputy Aydin Turebaev. The Executive Director informed about the assistance delivered to Kazakhstan to support the COVID pandemic emergency response. Medical equipment and consumables were provided, worth KZT 31 million and comprising kits for rapid purification and extraction of viral RNA using the spin-column method, as well as anti-plague protection suits. Against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, large-scale ISTC projects acquire specific importance designed to help improve bio-safety and bio-security in Central Asia.

At the meeting three students, majoring in International Relations at the University shared their impressions from the ISTC internship: Alina Rahimzhanova, Amina Ruslan, and Nurgul Tuleshova. Students were acquainted with the main projects of the Center, as well as with the work and responsibilities of its departments. They learned about the techniques and tools used to design and implement projects. They also attended weekly online conferences with African projects participants. The ISTC senior program curator and invited lecturer at ENU, Kamen Velichkov, supervised the training of the students at the Center, in which several members of the ISTC Secretariat took part.

  At the conclusion of the meeting, the students received ISTC  personalized badges as commemorative accessories.  They also produced a video clip on their ISTC internship with  which they participate in the competition for the best video  entitled "ENU is my student life" organized by the University to mark its 25th anniversary. The winners will be determined by the number of views, likes and comments.