WHEREAS the EU and-ISTC signed a Delegation Agreement for the implementation of Project MC 5.01/15B, Support to Southern African States in Nuclear Safety and Safeguards,with the overall long-term objective to strengthen and harmonize the nuclear regulatory framework in the participating countries in the sub-Saharan region of Africa, as well as to enhance their nuclear safety and security and to support their efforts to fulfil international nuclear safeguards obligations.
►WHEREAS African Young Generation in Nuclear (AYGN) was inaugurated on 29th March 2017 following the successful summit supported by the EU-funded ISTC implemented Project 60 Support to the EU CBRN Centre of Excellence in Eastern and Central Africa among other founding partners, and, AYGN is a non-profit continental affiliate body to International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC) bringing together national networks of young professionals in nuclear and allied fields.
►WHEREAS AYGN’s prime mission is to address the socio-economic issues of the continent through promoting the peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology in Africa.

CONSIDERING that Nuclear Safety and Security is the responsibility of every nation that utilizes nuclear technology and Africa is committed to ensuring the adoption of a strong,sustainable and visible global nuclear safety and security framework for the protection of people, society and the environment.

►COGNIZANT of the international treaties governing the use of radioactive materials and
nuclear non-proliferations as ratified by the African governments
►CONVINCED that peaceful applications of nuclear science and technology brings about immense benefits to our nations, the African Young Generation in Nuclear; a continental independent advocacy and membership organization, dedicated to advancing the development of peaceful uses of nuclear energy in Africa, adopts and declares the following framework for advocacy in nuclear safety and security in Africa:
► DECLARE TO SUPPORT the realization of the EU Project MC 5.01/15B overall objective and the global framework that provides for the harmonized development and application of safety and security standards, guidelines and requirements and will promote the harmonious development of national policies on nuclear safety and security.

DECLARE TO SUPPORT the mission of CBRN ECA CoE P-60 national expert committees, the development and adoption of Africa's safety and security regime capable of practical implementation in the economic blocs of Africa and enhance
concerted efforts to create awareness and commitments thereof among the governments and the populations across the member states.

DECLARE TO COLLABORATE with other advocacy groups, the education policy community, and government representatives to help influence the development and adoption of a legal framework that accomplishes these goals, thereby bringing the need for nuclear safety and security to all of Africa, especially the nations with existing or planned nuclear science and technology applications.
Signed in witness of the following relevant authorities in African countries;

Signed by AYGN Representatives
AYGN President:
Mr. Gaopalelwe Santswere,
The Executive Chairperson, Southern African Young Nuclear Professionals Society

AYGN Secretary General:
Raphael Chesori,
The Vice President, Kenyan Young Generation in Nuclear

AYGN Vice President:
Everlyn Achieng
Innovation Officer,
International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC)

In witness of:
Dr. Kamen Velichkov
Senior Project Manager and Diplomatic Advisor,
International Science and Technology Center (ISTC).
Astana, Kazakhstan